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  • Spiritual formation is simply the process of growing in Christ and pursuing His heart to further the Kingdom. Our personal walk with Christ influences how we steward our home, work, relationships, and service to others. 

  • Christian Coaching comes from a Christian worldview, and flows into an ongoing close and transparent relationship between coach and client. Coaching provides accountability, and helps clients take action towards realizing their potential.  


  • Counseling deals with past circumstances and pain in order to move the client forward to the present.  It dives deeper in to the client's background in order to gain more understanding.


  • Coaching allows for a more personal approach. When I'm coaching you, I'm helping you deal with your present circumstance and moving you forward to create change. Coaching focuses on helping you to take action on your goals, hopes, and dreams through a transparent relationship with me, your coach. My goal is to walk alongside you to help and encourage you to make important God-honoring changes in your life.







Every session we will begin and end with prayer. I use a  combination of scripture, goal-setting, and personality assessment tools to help you in your formation. I want to gain insight into your  core motivations so that we can work through areas of  strengths and weaknesses that may be hindering you. My main priority for you is to begin to see new spiritual patterns take place in your life. 

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