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I am a certified advanced life coach through the Board of Christian Life Coaches, and I specialize in spiritual formation with women. 


I am passionate about working with women in one-on-one conversations centered around nourishing the soul with the gospel, and discovering how the human personality plays a role in spiritual development.


As your Spiritual Formation coach, my heartfelt desire is to walk alongside you and move you forward to the heart of the Lord. I know what it's like to feel "spiritually stuck," and not knowing how to move forward. As women, many of us struggle with identity, insecurity, and fears that make us feel trapped. The Christian walk is not meant to be walked alone. Every detail of your story is sacred, and filled with purpose. Nothing that is happening in your life right now is without meaning. 


The gospel frees us from condemnation and feeling like we have to have it all together. It's exhausting trying to live up to all the expectations we place on ourselves in order to impress others. Sister, come and rest.



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- Developing your concept of God and self

- Discerning the will of the LORD  

- Finding life’s calling and purpose

- Developing a daily spiritual routine

- Striving for missional living

- Understanding how your personality plays a role in your formation

Researching and Writing
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I would love to chat over coffee or tea! I provide a free 20 minute phone call to get to know you, and see if my coaching is a right fit for your journey. I look forward to talking with you! 

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